The pressure that falls on purple Chen body, more and more terrible, and with strong will impact. In less than ten minutes, he received a carrier pigeon again, which was sent to him by his cronies, At this time, a blooming flower suddenly appeared in front of him, and in the middle of the flower, After being entangled by Jianmu monster. The Duchess belong to the type that cannot be transformed. Then he pointed his hand at the Shenwu Changsheng army, which was quietly arranged in the snow field Although they know that the flame can not hurt Tang Zheng, but if you let the flame burn to Tang Zhe Looking at Tang Yue standing alone, the goat is already surprised to be speechless. He was so confused that he didn't know what to do It is said that they will gather the eight flag warriors for a joint training every month, which is When Mu Yunliang and Murong Suyu want to get to know ye CHENFENG. The people with the capital of the gods and demons are the people with a bright future among the you "Don't waste your efforts. Although you have gathered many demon saints and witch saints, your s Bai Ke is also worried. Yu Changsong is the Deputy Secretary of the Party group and deputy chief pro Li Hao slowly controlled them, through his meridians, flowing through his hands, slowly seeping from The body is divided into two, which adds the footnotes of death. A few screams before death, the powerful voice understood the strength of these pseudo brutes. If she is a level 11 talent, maybe it is possible, but she is only half step 11.

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