"Damn it, crazy! Or are there too many shells?" The whole body of the boat is black. I don't know whether it is the original color or it has cha Han Zhuang quickly agreed, but he thought about it carefully, and then asked carefully, "is it to se After getting my consent, the two Jiaha indicated that they could start, and then the researcher nea She also wanted to hear the explanation of the six scenes. As soon as Da Ji heard this, he understood what was going on. He was very dangerous in his heart. "Master, what's the matter? Why hasn't the commander withdrawn?" Today, Yang kaicai fully understood that even if there was no domain stone, he could get unimaginabl The steady man glared at the persuading hand and said coldly. The most amazing thing is the combination of the skill book and magic mask! Along the way, Zhao Feng even met the fourth-order demon gods. Fang Yun thought about it and took out the strongest strength of his minor! Ye Tianchen looks at the pills in his hand, which is obtained from his cheap master. It seems that t What's more, in good faith, I'd like to send you some more of this elixir, wentidan, in exch Thinking of doing it, Yang Tian immediately let people inform old berry, let them temporarily ignore The nine day coffin and the seal of heaven appear together in front of Ye Chong's body. They are Bai Xiaochuan stopped, but Yan Xiaolan was quite direct. He asked, "have you absorbed the 23 sword s Therefore, Tang Yu could only store the soul of Xia Shi Han carefully again, and then continued to l

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