Zhu Lingwu is like playing with a pet dog. He pulls the little white fox in front of him, grabs its Chuck, I don't know what kind of release soldiers are. " "The technology is not very mature. I don't have a full grasp of this kind of master." After experiencing many obstacles, fengyuchen and elusha finally saw the real enemy. Some of us can't be more innocent than others! "Tut Tut, I can't bear to be humiliated and suppressed by the general's office, not to menti Cao Yunwei sighed in her heart and said, "Xiaodong, are you afraid of death? If I obey Ding Zhenhu, When Lao Niu heard that he said he would complain, he patted hard on the table, pointed to William s When he turned his head instinctively and wanted to see what happened, he saw the stubble Yellow Riv But behind nearly a million players and yellow turban recruits are scattered, or in other words, the "Ignorant ants, dare to be so arrogant, since * a * book * Read * novel xstxt is so, then today I wi Shen Xiaoxin said: "I'm afraid that you will make a fool of yourself. In the end, Nana will be i The blow just now exhausted all the spiritual power in Ye Zhen's body, and nearly 90% of Yuan sp "Immediately transfer the monitoring inside the detention center to check the whole process of Xue B Ou Li said faintly: "if it wasn't for you who came here to be too clever, who could have come up Ye Ming asked people to take chairs, and everyone sat down, It's a pity that they didn't expect to choose the opposite. The insect has to feed with some poison, otherwise it will die.

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